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Welcome to MIC

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a small team of seasoned managers and company directors who are passionate about people and the motor industry. We formed MIC in 2009 because we felt that the quality and effectiveness of management within our sector is critical to the evolution and survival of modern motor retailing and we wanted to support the development of managers in the sector.

If you are a manager in the motor industry with responsibility for people – and we hope that’s exactly why you have visited this site today - we have a strong and compelling reason to be talking to you.

We are not a management consultancy (although we can do that too). Our solutions are products. Products which have a proven track record. Products which have been used by senior managers and business leaders to shape everything from personal development plans to national training strategies.

Imagine if you knew exactly what the development needs of your managers were – and they in turn knew how to get the best from themselves, with tools and information at their fingertips to draw on for practical help and inspiration.